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Ask us how to create a less stressful trip to the Veterinary Hospital.
Starting in 2018 membership is free and this site helps teach owners how to create a Fear Free trip to the clinic. Having a stress-free trip to the clinic is extremely beneficial for you and your pet.

September 2017 is Spay and Neuter Awareness month!

Do you have reservations about spaying or neutering your pet? Below are some of the many benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered. 
(Female) Spaying: reduce the risk of mammary tumors, eliminates the risk of tumors in the ovaries, uterus, and cervix. Spaying also prevents other medical conditions such as Pyometra. 
(Males) Neutering: Reduces the risk of prostatic diseases, perianal tumours, and eliminates the risk of testicular cancers.
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